Broken down? One way to get up; break down what breaks you down!


There are certain hacks of life one should know and never let go. If staying strong in the storms of life becomes a habit, nothing will ever keep you down. And when staying strong becomes a habit, make it a hobby, and when it becomes a hobby, success becomes your partner.

Take note of this and paste it on the walls of your heart and your room;


  1. Fear the fear that appears when faith is supposed to show up. Be careful, it can make you fail.
  2. Be careful of the decision you make because of negative situations of life. You might not be able to recover from it.
  3. Never overlook the power of being alone. No successful man made it without having a quiet time from the noisy shouting’s of the world or from the noise that comes from the inside. If there is no peace in the inside, you can never find the peace you seek for, outwardly. Most bad decisions are made because, so many, fail to find time to hear their inner voice.


  1. One of the reasons why people get depressed when they fail is; they feel they have not met the expectation of people. Don’t kill yourself trying to meet up with what people expect of you. Sometimes, stop expecting and just work it out. From experience, most times, expectations that are not met, brings heartbreak that can cause a mental breakdown. Never loose guard.
  2. Never be too busy to clear your head. Even a smartphone can start performing slow if there are so many junk files on it. Clear the junks in your head and see yourself performing efficiently [there is power in letting go].




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