No one wins by being confused


When there is a mental clash, your physical output becomes a mess
No one wins by being confused.
Being calm simplifies the complexity in life’s equation.

Took a walk to watch a football match, everyone was cheering, it was a semi-final match between two neighboring streets. Football has been known to bring people together regardless of their tribe, ethnicity, race etc. and could also make two known enemies into an acquaintance.
Just when I got to the field which was around my vicinity, I sighted a very good player at the defense of one of the teams. When the game kicked off, as it was supposed to be, the both teams gave everything as though their life depended on it. Just after 20 minutes into the game, the team with that wonderful defender I have had my eyes on called for a substitution. It was jaw dropping, how will they survive? They were to substitute two good players from their team in the first half of the game. A winger of theirs and the wonderful defender I had my eyes on. Though these two players were good, but their performance was poor and the coach, fellow teammates, and the fans were disappointed in their game. It was worse because they were always confused on what to do in the football game.
I noticed from where I was that all the defender did was always trying to play as he was told to do by either the fans or the coach, the screaming from the outside was so distracting that he had his own game buried leading to mistakes.

This lesson I learned;
you could be a star, having all the qualities needed to keep you at the top, but once the voices you listen to overshadows your internal voice, you start retrogressing.

My advice;
Train your instincts to be trusted, take out time to work on your confused state, because, confusion is not a virtue for success.


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